Your plant will arrive happy, healthy and ready to bring you joy. Our delivery partners will ensure the upmost care is taken of your new arrival. Depending on the size of your plant order and the size of the extra fun stuff you select, the delivery will come in a cute little kraft bag or a reusable jute bag. Currently we are experiencing shortages of Jute bags, but will ensure that gifts are presented in our kraft bags with Vine Boy logo and/or wrapped in kraft paper and twine with a Vine Boy sticker. Feel free to get in touch for any questions about this.
We have a minimum order value of $49. Initially we didn't, but we needed to put this in place to make it feasible for us to offer delivery everywhere we do. Unfortunately it wasn't sustainable to deliver a candle or chocolate to the outer rim of our 25km radius on its own, there's also probably better businesses who do stuff like than anyway. This minimum order value applies to the order before shipping.
For a full list of delivery suburbs click here . You don’t see your suburb listed? Please contact us at hello@vineboy.com.au, we would love to chat to you about it.
If you’re that last minute gift buyer- we got you covered. We offer same day delivery for our listed suburbs if you place your order before 10am on the day you want your gift delivered. Click here for delivery options.
Do not stress. We can deliver it the next day or you can pre-order anything weeks in advance. We will put your gift aside, give all the love and care to your plant until its ready to be sent to its new home.
Our cute little delivery card has a smart QR code, scan it and it will take you to plant care on our website. If you need a little help choosing your plant, click here assist you in selecting the best plant for any level green thumb.
Short answer? No. Your plant should remain happy in the ceramic pot it has been delivered in. However, plants are living and do tend to grow a lot especially in the warmer months. We suggest giving your plant some time to get used to the spot you have chosen for it to live. Once it has been there, settled in and it is getting a little too big for its roots- feel free to re-pot it in something a little larger to let it stretch out and grow some more.
Of course they do. Every plant needs to look its best when meeting its new family. We use a layer of activated charcoal and premium potting mix to ensure your plant has the adequate drainage it needs in its cute ceramic pot.
Here at vine boy take extra care when potting your plant. We ensure that there is an adequate layer of drainage at the bottom of your pot. That in addition to you following your watering instructions- your plant will be just fine.
Get in contact with us at hello@vineboy.com.au, we would be more than happy to help you out.
At vine boy we want to give you the best quality plants we can source. Every plant is like a thumbprint, similar but unique, therefore there may be subtle differences from plant to plant. The descriptions of our plants provide you with a height and the images are taken in our vine boy studio to give you a clear picture of what you are ordering.
Oh no! We are incredibly sorry. While we can assure you when everything leaves our studio it is in perfect gift worthy condition. Accidents can happen, and shipping can sometimes be messy and unkind. Get in touch with us right away and we will help you out. Be sure to take a photo of the issue so we can try to make sure it does not happen again.
We are always here at hello@vineboy.com.au
We accept returns for damaged plants, and defective / faulty gift items only, unfortunately we can't accept returns for change of mind. If your plant was damaged in transit, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you within 12-14 hours. The form ensures we have what’s needed to help you as soon as possible!
For the purposes of the exemption, a florist or gift maker business is one where the primary purpose is to sell flowers, food or other products that are packaged as, or intended to be, gifts. To be eligible, the following conditions apply: • liquor must be packaged together with flowers, food or other gifts • the volume of liquor supplied to a person must not exceed 1.5 litres per day • the value of the liquor and its container must not be more than 50 per cent of the gift's sale price • liquor supplied needs to be purchased by the proprietor on a retail basis • both the purchaser and recipient of the flowers or gift must be 18 years or over.