About Us

Hey There!

We’re guessing you’ve come here to have a bit of a stalk, work out who’s behind the faceless corporation, or find out why we started Vine Boy. If not, then this page probably isn’t for you - ciao.

Earlier in 2020, Joe came to me (Beau) with an idea. He had been looking for a gift pack to send to some loved ones that included a plant, alcohol, and something else nice. What we found were a lot of places offering this service (like, a lot), each appealed to a particular market and nailed parts of what they were doing. But no one was ticking all the boxes we were after;

  • Pricing that was accessible, not extortionate.
  • Potting as a standard inclusion, not a $20 something extra.
  • Broad range of relatively easy to care for plants.
  • Gifts that were premium in quality, but not necessarily high-end or pretentious.
  • A considered range with brands and products that appeal to the tastes of our demographic and lifestyle (not necessarily gay, but like, tasteful people)
  • Flexible and affordable delivery (one place offered this... One).

We took issue with rigid and confusing delivery terms, peace lilies in shitty nursery pots for $50+ (wtf), and endless pages of confusing wordy information around how to order.

After a lot of arguments and a bit of day drinking during the first lockdown, we decided that we could do a better job in offering everything we were looking for above. 

Vine Boy is the product of a couple of guys (mainly me, Beau) who are passionate about gifting and self love that’s accessible and bullshit free. We’re just getting started, but we’ve got big aspirations. If it’s your first time on our site - welcome! We’re looking forward to bringing you all on this journey with us while we move from scrappy start up into Melbourne’s go-to plant and gift delivery business.

Here you'll find plants that are always potted for success, and local products that are great but don't cost the earth. We're looking to expand and refine our assortment over time and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Drop us a line any time for a chat.


Beau and Joe