The Root Revolution: Bottom Watering – Because Plants Deserve a Little Tease Too

Hey there, plant pals! Today, we're spilling the tea for all you bottoms out there. This watering technique has got our leafy friends blushing – bottom watering. So, plant your self and join us as we explore the sultry world of hydrating from below! The Cheek Behind Bottom Watering:

Bottom watering is the ultimate flirtation with your plants, where you let them sip water from below, making them feel like the VIPs they truly are. It's like offering them a refreshing cocktail without the fuss – bottoms up, darlings!


Why Bottom Watering?

  • Root Seduction:
    • Encourage your plants to send their roots deep down.
  • Drama-Free Hydration:
    • Say goodbye to waterlogged soil and drama-filled root rot.
  • Teach 'Em Self-Love:
    • Bottom watering turns your plants into independent divas, sipping water when they please. 

How to Bottom Water Like a Plant Whisperer:

  • Pot Perfection:
    • Pick pots with drainage holes, creating a saucy setup for water play. An alternative is keep your plant in a nursery pot and place that inside the most stunning planter of choice (when repotting just repot into a larger nursery pot).
  • Seductive Station Setup:
    • Designate a spot for your plants to get their flirt on. A tray or a saucy watering station is the perfect setting.
  • Pour with Finesse:
    • Fill 'er up, darlings! Let the water rise, tempting your plants to soak up the goodness from below.
  • Monitor the Drama:
    • Keep an eye on the soil – once it's feeling the love, remove your plant from the watering stage.


dragon tail bottom watering

Tips for a Flirtatious Watering Session:

  • Perfect Timing:
    • Choose mornings for a romantic rendezvous. It sets the mood for a day of hydration and growth.
  • Personal Plant Vibes:
    • Know your plant's style. Different plants, different vibes – get to know what makes them bloom.
  • Sultry Transition:
    • If shifting from top watering, give your plants time to adjust. It's all about easing them into their new bottom-up lifestyle.

Bottom watering isn't just a watering technique; it's a flirtatious dance that leaves your plants blushing with happiness. So, darlings, let's toast to bottom watering – where plants get the VIP treatment they deserve. Bottoms up 💋

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