Summer SOS: Rescue Tips for Stressed Indoor Plants

Hey, Plant Fam! 🌿 Been out living hot girl summer and realised our indoor buds have been feeling the heat? Signs like droopy leaves or yellowing might mean they're stressed out. Let’s troubleshoot and save our green team!

Signs of Plant Stress

  • Wilting or Drooping: Sad, floppy leaves need a hydration hug or a cooler spot.
  • Discoloration: Yellow or brown leaves? It could be too much or too little water or heat stress.
  • No Growth Spurt: If your plant’s standing still, it might be sending a distress signal.

Quick Fixes

  • Water Wisely: Stick a finger in the soil—if it’s dry, water; if wet, wait a bit.
  • Light Check: Adjust light exposure to match your plant’s needs.
  • Humidity Boost: Mist or add a pebble tray for those needing a humidity kick, or if you're feeling super guilty a humidifier.
  • Temperature TLC: Watch out for extreme heat or drafts and adjust.

Reviving Your Plant

  • Trim Troubled Parts: Snip away damaged leaves to encourage fresh growth.
  • Water Wisely: Stick to a regular watering routine, keeping the soil moist but not soaked.
  • Feed with Care: A gentle fertilizer can help, but don’t overdo it!

Extra TLC Tips

  • Shower Love: Give your plants a rinse to freshen them up and boost humidity.
  • Spin the Squad: Rotate your plants for balanced growth.

Each plant’s different, so keep an eye on their cues and adapt your care routine accordingly. With a little TLC and smart troubleshooting, your indoor green squad will bounce back in no time, then continue to sip your spicy margs knowing your plant babes are doing fine! 🌿

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