Summer Repotting Guide: Do's and Dont's of Giving Your Plant Babes a New Home

Hey, Plant Fam! 🌿 Ready to give your green buddies a summer glow-up? Repotting time is here, and we’re diving into the why and how, Vine Boy style!

Why Summer Repotting Rocks:

  • Grow, Baby, Grow: Warmth = happy roots! Summer’s the perfect growth spurt season for your plants.
  • Nutrient Boost: Fresh soil means fresh nutrients, powering up your plants for peak performance.
  • Health Check: Peek at those roots! It’s like a wellness check-up for your plant pals.
mini monstera in white planter

Soil & Pot Picks:

  • Soil: Go for that indoor plant special—well-draining mix with perlite or vermiculite for happy roots.
  • Pot: Drainage holes are a must! Size up a bit, but don’t give your plant too much room to swim. If you've fallen in love with a planter with no drainage holes, try a larger nursery pot that slips into your planter or add a decent layer of drainage rocks and horticultural charcoal as a base layer. 
plants being held with roots

Quick Repotting Rundown:

  • Prep & Hydrate: Water your plant a bit before the big move to ease the transition.
  • Timing is Key: Choose early or late day hours—no midday sun stress for your green amigos.
  • Gentle Move: Tip, support, and ease out your plant. Watch those roots!
  • Trim & Tuck: Snip any sad roots, give space for new ones, and pat in the new soil.
  • Love & Settle: Water, pat, and let your plant chill in a shaded spot for a few days.

Boom! Your plant’s all set for a summer sizzle. You’re a repotting rockstar, and your plants? They’re gonna love their fresh digs! 🌱

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