Slaying Summer Propagation: Multiply Your Green Gang, Quick!

Hey plant pals! Summer's the time to crank up your indoor plant game. We’ve got the lowdown on propagation that's as great as your plant collection. Let's dive in:

Stem Cuttings: Expansion Made Easy

Best for: Pothos, Philodendrons, Spider Plants

How-To: Snip a stem, pop it in water or soil, and watch those roots strut their stuff.

Division: Split, Split, Hooray!

Best for: Snake Plants, Peace Lilies, Spider Plants

How-To: Divide the fam into rooty sections, repot, and let them show off their independence.

Leaf Cuttings: Leafy Lay Grow

Best for: African Violets, Succulents, Begonias

How-To: Snip a gorgeous leaf, lay it on moist soil, and watch new growth strike a pose.

Extra Tips:

  • Stay sharp with your tools for clean cuts.
  • Patience, honey—propagation's a glam game that takes time.
  • Keep things hot and humid for your cuttings.

Get ready to watch your indoor crew level up! Summer's bringing the goods to your indoor jungle. 🌿

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