Perfect Morning Brew - Plant Edition

Hey, Plant Fam! 🌿☕ Let's talk about repurposing those leftover coffee grounds to give your houseplants a boost like no other! Here’s how Vine Boy is brewing up a storm of eco-friendly fertiliser for your leafy buddies:

Why Coffee Grounds are a Plant’s Best Friend

The good stuff: Coffee grounds are packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus—giving your plants the fuel they need to thrive.

Soil balance: Most indoor plants thrive in slightly acidic soil, and coffee grounds add that perfect acidic touch, creating a cozy habitat for your green pals.

Eco-Chic: Repurposing coffee grounds not only benefits your plants but also reduces waste, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious plant parents.

coffee and plants on textured background

Brewing Green: How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

1. Harvesting Goodness: After brewing your morning cup of joe, collect those coffee grounds and let them cool down and dry out. We want them dry for the plant party!

2. Mixing Mojo: Incorporate the dried coffee grounds into your plant soil mix or sprinkle them gently around the base of your plants—letting them absorb the goodness. Key word DRY, wet grounds will just attract those demon fungal gnats.

3. Hydration Station: Water your plants after applying the coffee grounds to help the nutrients seep into the soil, giving your green babies a refreshing drink.

4. Repeat the Ritual: Keep the green goodness flowing by reapplying coffee grounds every few weeks, ensuring your plants stay happy, healthy, and caffeinated!


coffee being poured plant in background

Plants That Sip on Good Coffee:

Philodendrons: These lush beauties revel in the nitrogen boost from coffee grounds, ensuring their foliage remains vibrant and glossy.

Spider Plants: Adding coffee grounds to their soil creates an ideal acidic environment for spider plants to produce those charming, dangling shoots.

Pothos: With their cascading vines, pothos plants thrive on the nutrient-rich goodness that coffee grounds provide, ensuring they grow lush and full.

Repurposing coffee grounds as plant fertiliser isn’t just a trend—it’s a sustainable plant care ritual that’s good for your plants and the planet. So, let’s brew for us, and sprinkle it into our plant pals’ lives, and watch them thrive in magic of coffee grounds, much like we do at 9am on a Monday morning!

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