Pinot Noir 2019 - Zig Zag Rd

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Notes of: Love, Laughter, Tension, Mid-life crisis and Patience

We like to think of this one as a great all-rounder, every day wine. Every. Day.

The Pinot is from a blend of old (1972 planted) and younger vines, and the unirrigated vineyard produces small berries with intense flavours. The character is a little more savoury and structured than the lighter style Pinot’s, although there is beautiful fruit underlying integrated with a little mint and other herbs.

Some boring stuff we have to say:

  • liquor must be packaged together with flowers, food or other gifts
  • the volume of liquor supplied to a person must not exceed 1.5 litres per day
  • the value of the liquor and its container must not be more than 50 per cent of the gift's sale price
  • liquor supplied needs to be purchased by the proprietor on a retail basis
  • both the purchaser and recipient of the flowers or gift must be 18 years or over.